It's a simple idea. One day without plastic. Just a day. Think you can do it? We do.

Here's what's at stake: your health and the future of the ocean.

So, live like you love the ocean. Make June 8th, World Ocean Day or September 19th, International Coastal Cleanup Day YOUR Day Without Plastic.

Or pick your day, tell us how it goes.

And get a sticker for your reusable water bottle now!

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Toast to the Ocean! and Ocean Revolution invite you to raise a glass to the Ocean at midnight on New Years 2009.

We have much to celebrate and work towards this year.

The ocean gives us life and health, our air and climate, beauty and inspiration.

It covers most of our planet and contains the majority of life on earth.

Among our other toasts, vows, resolutions and celebrations, we’ll pledge to live like we love the ocean in the coming year.

Let us know where you'll be when you toast the ocean on new year's eve, and invite your friends to join us by raising a toast to the ocean, wherever you are!

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