It's a simple idea. One day without plastic. Just a day. Think you can do it? We do.

Here's what's at stake: your health and the future of the ocean.

So, live like you love the ocean. Make June 8th, World Ocean Day or September 19th, International Coastal Cleanup Day YOUR Day Without Plastic.

Or pick your day, tell us how it goes.

And get a sticker for your reusable water bottle now!

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Monday, December 13, 2010

December 16th: A Day Without a Bag

Give a holiday present to the environment! 

Join tens of thousands of shoppers in LA County (and across CA) in giving up disposable plastic bags in favor of reusable bags. Take the pledge starting Dec. 16th to make everyday, a day without a "single-use" plastic bag.

Heal the Bay's 4th Annual "A Day Without a Bag" is sponsored by LA County's Department of Public Works, City of LA, EarthWise and Albertsons.

For a list of nearly 200 reusable bag giveaway sites and participating retailers visit: 

Retailers offering special promotions including Ralphs, 99c Only Stores, VONS, Subaru, Union Bank and Fred Segal Santa Monica,

*Giveaway times vary by location and while supplies last

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Toxic Politicians

All Politicians Are Toxic, Claim Authors

All Politicians Are Toxic, Claim Authors

Politicians are toxic and have higher levels of dangerous chemicals in their bodies, according to a pair of authors who studied them.

"I want to assure you that we tested both liberal and conservative politicians, and it doesn't seem to matter," co-author Rick Smith said at a book party for "Slow Death by Rubber Duck: The Secret Danger of Everyday Things" held at Busboys & Poets in the funky U Street corridor.

"It may be caused by their ... diets or the extreme amount of plane travel, so aspiring politicians take note."

Smith and co-author Bruce Lourie, two Canadian environmentalists, set out to discover what effect household chemicals have on the human body. The pair went about their experiment by ingesting and inhaling a host of household items for a week.

“We chose seven chemicals. One for every day of the week, because seven is a good number. This delighted our wives, of course," Smith said. "For two days, I actually drank out of my son's baby bottle."

So what can be done about the harmful chemicals that surround us? The authors drafted a list of 10 suggestions for how to reduce individual intake. No. 10 was contact Congress.