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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Santa Cruz bans Styro: Wipe Out Plastic Takeout

A nice step forward

Jamba Juice has phased out their Stryo single-use drink containers and is encouraging reusables and phasing in biodegradable paper I can take my kids back there for a smoothie!

(the manager is VERY excited about it)

An update from Jim at Surfrider:

From: Surfrider Santa Cruz
Date: February 13, 2008 9:12:18 AM PST
To: Wallace J Nichols "" Co-Director
Subject: Santa Cruz passes polysty ban !

A word or two from "Wipe Out Plastic Takeout!"

For those who prefer plankton, not plastic in the water with them, here's a report on the polystyrene thing around Santa Cruz:

I hope you'll be as stoked as us at Surfrider that the Santa Cruz City Council unanimously passed a city-wide ban on the use of polystyrene food take-out containers in the city yesterday. This is an important move forward in this regional campaign!

So score one for WOPT! The council and city staff verbally acknowledged the strong community support from the coalition and thanked all the environmental groups in WOPT! for their help in the matter.


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